Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend, run and Mondays

My weekend started last Friday...daru with the usual suspects at H20..Started off really boring and then got really interesting. Mr S took centrestage and captivated his audience..he was the rockstar of the show and man, wot fundooo steps...niceness it was...

Got home next morning..continued my GREney..learnt new words which I intend to use over the course of the week. :D So junta here I come with perspicacious, sophomorific, chary and other bootiful words :) Anyways, went to this place called Udaya in the nite..(on an aside had to pass thru Ambedkar types celebrating and was struck with realisation that he would have never wanted this hideous celebration of who he was and what he meant for the people)

Nice khana was..chicken scored over prawns which looked they had been cut up further into smaller pieces..used as I am to Lamba's prawns, this was total henh time..Got a nice surprise as V turned up..v v v nice that was....:) Sat baby, u r a basthurd for giving me that wonderful surprise..:D

Sunday was niceness too...went for a vintage car rally. Was fucking amazing..bikes and cars..saw atleast 3 Rolls, Morrises, a gorgeous green Dodge, Buicks, a fucking Harley Davidson (like a car acc to RG), amazing old bikes from the 1930's - very nice it was...went fr brekkie...proceeded to Mr Bojangle's house where he fed us pekoe tea. :D

When you meet someone who cares about Bombay and its heritage its a precious joy I must say that..salute to Mishee Mouse for that :) There is so much love for used to be, where to go and what to do and its precious knowledge...there are such few people like that and if there are more, they have escaped my eyes anyways..

Then, borrowed 'Fort Walks' and did the Gothic-Art Deco walk..was amazing...fucking hot afternoon. Lived in Mumbai all my life and didn't know half these places existed! We saw Shakespeare's head under the staircase in the University and saw a well made in 1851 which has now been shut to the public.

Town is gorgeous - almost convinced the boys that we shd do the MTDC bus going to definitely do so bootiful at nite..must do eet eees..Lunch at Churchills - theek thaak and loverly dessert called Silk at Theobroma...:)

Came home, slept for 10-11 hours, give or take and got up this morning and did run :) At work and my Monday is on right now ....

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