Friday, April 13, 2007

GRE journey begins

I got my date this morning. Today is the commencement of empowering myself to relearn Math,become one with English and become the GRE whizkid! So I have come up with a pet project where I make a list of people I know and insert adjectives before their make it alliterative..This is supposed to be a contributory project so please participate it wholeheartedly and enrich your lives with some laughs! :D

My list starts today:
Amazing Anmol
Annoying Abhilash
Sexy Sheri
Kinky Kunika
Dashing Denise/Disheveled better acc to Dee
Taciturn Tathagata
Loqacious Lokesh
Nymphlike Neeta
Howlarious Harish

Dee's contributions:

Juvenile Jeet/Jaded Jeet (again better)
Kontaktfreudig Kirti (apparently it means outgoing in German)
Ritzy Rochelle
Brawny Bernadette - I think bootycilious is better btw...:D
Nonstop Neil
Vagabond Vignesh

Please do send me more or add as comments as u feel happy to do....this project will continue till July 17th!


Neha said...

beshth luckk with all the re-learning! and going along here´s my bit for ur list - dopey denise :D

shreya said...

kirti, half of these are normal words and not GRE words!

Kits said...

@SB- Why don't u add some then darling?