Thursday, April 19, 2007

Special people,rick drivers and child

I had this thought..there are people in our lives whom you can tell them anything and I mean anything and you are not judged for what you have expressed to them. It can be your deepest darkest secret and you are sure that they are not going to turn around and say wtf, why - those 'normal' thoughts people express when they are going to judge you...

I try very hard never to happens no doubt but I try very hard to view life through different coloured glasses. I have had people tell me things and they are like don't judge me before they begin. Why would u? Its not right and people have judged me in the past and these have been my own friends..being a so-called wild child has its pitfalls I guess!!

I have only 2-4 people around me who I can pretty much blurt things out, its nice to have people like that because it makes a tremendous difference in your life when you know that there are people who will listen to the shit that u've done in your life and not say,"Oh, why would u do that?" or even better I think its ok for u to do one fucking asked for permission in the first place...if you get my point.

Lighter matters now. Yest, screamed my head off at the rick driver for being a rt arsehole. I mean, there is me and colleague sitting in rick, and this idiot on a mo-fucking-ped comes along and starts showing shining. (Marie, u r remembered here very fondly!!) I was like wtf, and totally yelled my head off at the rick driver and moped bozo. Rick guy maraaoes dialogue, "Tu neeche chal, tujhe bata deta hoon"...shit like this..told him there is no need of showing anything..He cd drop us somewhere and then he could show wotver he wanted to the dude! Men r such idiots especially when they r driving..(sorry for the true generalization)

Today this morning on way to meet Dee for run, I saw the cutest and funniest sight ever. I need to pass thru slums to get to the main road. I was walking half dazed. Then my nazar went on this child - it was naked as the day it was born but it had dark glasses much attitude the child had....amazinngly funny sight it on my face right now.

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Akshay said...

Hmm.. naked child with sun glasses.. very kewl.

Yea, even I have 2-3 friends whom I know wont judge me or tell me why did you do that? It really helps when you just have someone to listen to.

No comments on behavior of men while they are driving. :P