Monday, April 02, 2007

The weekend

My weekend was eventful to say the least. I saw 'The Namesake'. Was theek in my opinion, not worth all those rave reviews...Too fast, one minute Kolkatta, the next NYC..I was like henh! Let us see what is happening to these people. Irfan Khan and Tabu were really good. Very believable Bongs they were. Sat, my friend thoroughly enjoyed it being Bong himself and could relate to everything happening.

Went yesterday for IIT organised 'cruise'. On boat, we went, to conquer the seas. :D Awesome it was. Old IIT types doing gupshup, one sang, said shlokas and said lots of shayaris :) ...Lites on the horizon, a soothing sea breeze, ciggie in hand and of course the company. Made it bootiful, the only thing missing was a glass of white wine :(

Of course compensated for that with 3 glasses of Chardonnay (the last suspiciously tasting like Chenin Blanc). Mondy's rox as always..Missed u Murty my love. :D RG's songs didn't play from the Jukebox and Murty, it has gone upto 10 bucks to play a song!!! Can u believe tht? Got home at 1.30 and slept as soon as head touched bed.

Morning 6.00 am alarm went for walk with my Himalayan climber friend. Good it was :)

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