Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yesterday, the run and kapi

I went for my run/walk today. I looked around while I was running (not focusing on the road). Trees are green, the birds were chirping, it was boootiful as hell! And I ran, I could feel the twinges in my knees go away, felt a sense of joy and loved every minute of it. Niceness it was....

Yesterday was a good day at work as well. Appraisal hai aaj...naa jaane kyaa hoga. I spent some time with family yesterday as well. Spoke to them, chatted, blabbered about work and felt really goood about it.

I love kapi and this morning I made kapi like my mom makes it. Sat calls it 'Madras kapi' while my version he calls filter kapi coz mine inevitably has more kapi than milk. Surprisingly it tasted quite nice.

Looking forward to a hopefully good weekend :D

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