Monday, April 09, 2007

The weekend

As I recovered from eating a yummmy beef steak on Friday nite, I dozed...vegetated and played Rebel Bomber. Zapak where Marshall works sent me some email offering me free games. Nice it was..I am an official addict now...Reached 52 levels :D

Yesterday, I went shopping. Bought myself an amazing pair of Pepe jeans :D ...and this sexxxy black top...wheee...Made Mommy buy me two pieces of material which are going to be transformed into skirts as fucking summer is here....

Treated Mom and sistah to Gelato yest...had Kiwi sorbet and loveddd the taste of it. :D Drove down to Bandra and back and enjoyed the drive down Carter Road with the sea breeze blowin..niceness it was ....went for Easter dinner in the nite. Love Katlics and Katlic culture. Singing and dancing...close to my heart...ate ok ok sorpatel and chicken..had a real nice time with Dee and Roch.

Am considering going to Goa. Am weighing costs against Goa :D ....Should decide by end of day about it. Plan is to go last weekend in April ....Should hopefully decide by EOD (in the positive!)

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shreya said...

strawberry sorbet rocks! (but then i love anything that's pink!)