Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sheece's bootiful poetry

Where are you?

I cannot fathom what you say
But I am awed by your poetry,
The way you dance in circles
And The way you cry in pain

I live in a house of 4 rooms
And you sleep on the streets
And if I invite you to my abode
You invite me to yours

You do not judge me
You do not share my joys and sorrows
You leave me alone to fight
My worthless daily battles

I wonder if time or tomorrow
have any meaning for you
You dismiss the happenings in the world
Like you don't care or it's a lie

I remember the day
when you asked me about God,

I pointed at the masjids and temples
And you pointed at a butterfly
A pregnant woman, a butchers shop
A cudding cow, a hopping frog

You taught me to sleep
Beneath the open skies
Hear the crickets
And watch the stars

And when I told you I had seen God,
You laughed like a crazy man
On the craziest joke he had ever heard
And then you flapped your hands and tried to fly

But one day you were suddenly gone,
You didn't even say goodbye
I was happy though in every way
You had to be gone one day

Like the priest who searches for God within his walls
I search for God withing my bounding box
And you between the earth and sky

You mystic, you sufi, you crazy man
Let's meet and have a drink sometime....

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soulasylum said...

sheece man rocks:)