Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My weekend n morning walk

Good. Watched Cash - a spectacularly bad movie and I recommend it purely so junta realizes how good Shootout was in comparison :D

Drank..not good of course..well except for that dinner with Dee. Phatte piya and laffing insanely like lil kids. Wot a blast tht was :D The restaurant Ivy recommendation came from him

Met Cutlet who visited for 2 days. Did breakfast with her and tht was a whole lot of fun. Dee, me and Roch - the 3 Musketeers, the 3 Chembur bitches and other various names have come for us. I cannot believe at times she has gone away married etal (much to the severe disappointment of all the men who msged me on Gtalk and asked me who the babe was!! I swear without exaggeration must be atleast 20 plus men who asked me whose the babe, whose the babe...:D

GRE grind shall be started in the upcoming weeks and my reading will stop. Something that makes me sad :( Oh upside, this morng, walk - phatte tha..things r soo green..bootiful eet ees :)


designNinja said...

is this the same babe abt home I pinged :)

Kits said...

Yes darling- shame to shame!