Monday, August 27, 2007

My weekend n morng run

Started Friday nite. Went to H20, Khar with office types. Rather went to Bananar Bar, saw the inside and ran away from there towards Cabana which has shut down and back towards H20 again. :D Nice time was had by all concerned. From there, some of the junta went the famous/legendary of T's stories- Merlins. 30+ uncles with beer bellies, singing Hindi songs with nasal voices. Wah wah it was! One uncle tried to chat with me (as opposed to chat me up) and said things abt a dude standing in front of me- His name is J**** C****** . He loves Metallica but he loveeeeeees Hindi songs. I sagely nodded as uncle was v drunk and previously been observed by me air guitaring to a Hindi song! :D

Next morng, didn't get call frm home, asking me where the f*** I was etcetc..why r u always like this (that happened on Sunday afternoon). Was extremely surprised, thanked stars, God and other ppl and went home. Made dal like nice gurl. Drove Dad to random place in Dadar called Endolite which does lite callipers. Traffic was so fuck all- wasn't remotely funny. Got back, went for class (bad it was- esp couple salsa) and then went with Rani to CL. Had a really nice time there, didn't drink much (wot deliteful Whisky Sours they make in the kind of glasses tht me n Ranee want!!) and had khana and even dessert – sizzling brownie :D

Sunday morning dawned brite n early. I was thinkng abt gng to Ranee's place fr lunch but sistah deterred me. She said no no,wah wah..sniff sniff so gave into the blackmail and we decided to cook Chinese. Wot a fucking disaster tht was :D Too much of Madame Karen Anand's Schezwuan Sauce led to hotter than hot noodles and veggies. We died, our bums would burn if we consumed type scene happened. Mom did chaavi, I lost temper- lunch went wasted (inspite of the sugar tht sistah added to concotion (no other name fr it) and it went downhill frm there. Said a few hometruths- not liked but didnt really care at that point.

Told sistah lets get out of home. Drove to Palm Beach Rd- hit a 115 and wot a fucking awesome drive tht was. Felt like pushing car some more but didn't want to push my limits. Sistah loved it of course. Went home, had a bath and got ready fr class. Had loads of phun in class- my last one eet was! :( There r 2 more but I's gng to miss it coz I's gng to Hyderabad to see Prankie baby! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anyways, went to meet Bronzoe for kapi. Had a nice time with Dee n Bronzoe. Drove Dee to tailorman. Came back, she had rasam and watched senti video tht P made fr us. Drove her back and my weekend finished with a firm decision made due to lovely conversation that I had with my beloved K. Totally love ya for tht one darling. Hug :)

Got up this morng and ran..Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..v v kicked abt tht too..Nice it was..3 images stand out in my head from the morng run- u knw those veggie trucks rt which carry veggies into the city. Anyways, the first truck I saw the dude at the back had no place. So he was stuck like Spiderman to the top of the truck. The 2nd veggie truck I saw the guy no place at all at the back of the truck – so he was on the roof of the truck. The 3rd one – the dudes were standing like soldiers, all in a straight line, holding onto the rope hanging from the top of the truck. I retained those images, felt like drawing cartoons but well I suck at drawing so anyone reading this wants to take it up, to be telling me and I shall describe scene like tht to get into ink :)

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