Monday, August 20, 2007

The weekend

Began on Fri nite. To Vashi I went to see Transformers. Fuck all story, fuck all ending but excellent effects. Loved the parts where they transformed into the machines back into the robots. The coolest robot of course was the Camero – Bumblebee and the semi which was Optimus Prime. Phatte tht was. For once I was on time with A and we actually stood for the whole National Anthem [remembered patriotic discussion of course- think am gng to remember it every time without fail now! :)]

Saturday morning – brite n early at 8.40 am – did DD things. Bank- oh the bank is a brilliant story. Go to old Chedda Nagar bank- where they knw me and my family for generations type scenario. So had to withdraw money for sister- a 1000 bucks was the grand princely sum. Took me 45 fucking mins to get the money out. I don't knw if they were rushed, inept. I was totally WTF at the end of it all. Mins wot eet ees wonly happened. So anyways something tht shd have taken me 5 mins took me like 45 totally mindfucked at the end of it!

Shaam ko dance class jo phatte tha as always. A's last class- rather poignant with the byes gng arnd but the best bit. He came dressed formally as everyone in class was supposed to. Of course no one except him was dressed formally. Also made the grand entry into class late so everyone turns to look when the instructor points out!! Was totally howlarious and there is no doubt he looked totally posh unlike us bhangis in class :)

Went to see Chak De yest. Was fundooo and totally loved it. SRK is restrained beyond belief. He is too good in it. The chiks r good too and it looked totally realistic which was the point. Some of the men were slimy beyond belief in it which of course proves how hard it is for a woman's sport to be accepted in the country. Accha flick and total paisa vasool. Best bit – people in the audience becoming a part of the film and entering into the emotional mood of it all. I mean the audience cheered, clapped along and was generally such a feel good movie coz of course we were the underdogs in it. The underdogs winning of course makes anyone heart blossom (sorry if cynicism is showin). Sheece reminded me of 'Titans' and I remember tht also abt the underdogs coming out on top and that perhaps strikes at the very heart of our emotions.

Came home, crashed and got up at wonder of wonders 10.30 am. :) Am stunned tht no one yelled, screamed and woke me up generally. Anyways, no one was ready to cook today. So we did joint effort and made pulao and pachadi which came out brilliantly. Told my family tht the efforts tasted svit :) No class today and can't meet up with Dee coz she got work. Poor her workin on a Sunday :(

Did some fruitful emailing yest to univs and am happy with tht. GRE date lena baaki reh gaya hai so need to get going on tht. Saw a phatte movie yest nite – Out Of Sight – Clooney- my abs fave actor n JLo. Thye have such fabb chemistry and the movie is a good watch. U can read more here. Of course its based on a book by Elmore Leonard. He is a brilliant writer and wot fundoo stories he writes. One of the first books I got hold of by him was Tishomingo Blues – drugs n Civil War reenactment put together make a crazy combo anyways and its not even a movie- he makes it so interesting. Phatte and if u guys get hold of any of his books, do read. :D

Late nite profound realisation that in life, one always desires the things one can't have. Its the nature of things and people...

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