Sunday, August 19, 2007


  • When u espy tht Ipod u always yearned for
  • When u watch tht person sleeping with head lolling and mouth open on a jerking, fucked up potholed road bus trip
  • When u watch ppl eat like peegs n don't see any effect anywhere on the body
  • When u hear tht perfect note from someone and knw u cant sing to save ur arse
  • When u see couples cosying up and u r single
  • When u have the worst cold in the history of colds and watch tht child @ Naturals eat Mango icecream
  • When u have the worst stomach upset and can't have Lamba's prawns and of course duniya is eating it
  • When the dance instructor has a bigger diamond nose ring than yur very own
  • When the dance instructor can dance better than u (for obvious reasons)!
  • When ppl have seemingly picture perfect rosy lives
  • When u read tht blog online and yur life is encapsulated in words far better than u ever can pen them
  • When yur sister can rhyme in poetry and u can't again to save yur arse
  • When the girl next to u in 4th Std drew better than u ever could in yur entire life (she also did drawings for u for which the drawing teacher gave u 8/10)
  • When the sky turns the most perfect shade of cerulean blue and u knw it cant be captured either on camera or in paint, u wonder is it possible to envy God?

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