Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Movie marathon time n other asides

I watched Tezaab the nite before last. Dil touch ho gaya. I was 8 yrs old when I watched tht flick for the 1st time in the Matunga house. It was late at nite and I watched it with Urvi, another friend of mine (now a married mom if u pls) Anyways, we bought a video casette and rented a player and watched the movie. This movie was made in 1989 the yr my sister was born :D Anyways, I remember scenes, lyrics r of course child's play and oh my god, the movie is so unbelievably 1980's – u gotta watch it to knw wot the fuck I am talking abt. The clothes, the attitude, Mandakini, the acting, Anil Kapoor's hairy chest, shoulders (yeww) and with a villian called Lotiya Pathan and item numbers like 'Ek, do, teen' the movie had it made.

Last evening saw Simpsons the movie and totalllly loveeed it. Wot an amazing story line and it was like phenomenal...a hr and 16 mins of total entertainment with sister n me in splits! Then said wtf and watched another one – Haasil starring Irfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill and Hrshita Bhatt. Wahiyaad tha – bas uff! 2 hrs, 40 mins on utter shit. Supposed to be abt UP politics then they go fuck it up with a love story and then it goes to hell from there..random Bombay track add kar diya – Rajpal Yadav shows face and then u r like henh, I fastfwded....I mean I contrast this with Saher – wot a phatte film and Arshad Warsi was superb in tht one! UP politics but dealt with with police efficiency. Here the subject just went into the gutter (to use a bad simile) and then doesn't resurface back.

Today is Chak De India's turn. Or rather wasn't as didnt get tickets at all so am stuck at home right now and bored out of my skull! Arrrgh....and tht childhood friend ditched so am now like wotver...:(

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laughing buddha said...

Tezaab was a fab film.mmm..watching it again is not a bad idea though :)I remember looking at the video and practicing the steps of the song for a dance competition :P