Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last nite, morning run n ride to work

Last evening had a harrowing time with Sheeelpee getting rick etcetc..Finally managed and we enticed the dude with ride to Sion - which is why he came along. Was supposed to meet Laughing Buddha n Creature and well no call, so figured plan ditched. Halfway home, got call frm Creature asking me where I was. So was total mins wot eet ees, anyways, went home n then to Bandra to meet Laughing Buddha n Creature. Was great to see Rao- its been ages since I espied the Laughing Buddha so was supercool to meet n do chat :D

Went to McD's. Chiken in stomach (Ah satisfaction) n then fwd to Barista. On way, smelled the most divine prawns. Jai Jawan which this man keeps telling me abt in Bandra, Linking Rd. My stomach was utmost happy after consuming 200 grams of Prawns Fry :D Onward to Barista and wot a shocker that was. Linking Rd Barista @ the Junction gone forever. :( So many memories and always tell junta who don't knw Bandra for directions - aa jaana udhar jahan woh Linking Rd wala Barista hai! Now fuckng they have moved it to this place Dee n me used to frequent- Cuisines nearby wonly. Even tht is gone now :(( In place stands a smaller and I don't like it Barista!

Took bus home. Morning got up and went for run. Had a completely existential experience this morng. Near Golf course in Chembur, was walking at this time. Arnd 7ish in morng. Loud rick passed by. Then there was nothing. Just silence and me. I heard it - the sound of silence today. Was absolutely fabulous and I realised it as I walked what I was experiencing. You don't get opportunities like that in Bombay and I was extremely lucky today :) Saw a myna fly past and again the colors on the myna were so clear - accha tha.

I almost left when it started pissing down. Parents yelled at me. Mom and Dad were benevolent and since I'm kadki types, they took pity and gave me 100 bucks. So took rick and of course at HN Hill, it broke down. So walked downhill and took another rick. Something needs to b done atb the HN Hill -road repairs something, anything!

I can't wait to get out of city now :D Hyderabad is dng beckoning.


sheece said...

a couple of yrs back i was in village. after abt 10.30 all the villagers went to sleep. i was awake and realized the silence. the ears get filled with it. it was weird. i started talking myself to break the spell and soak the silence in slowly. i can relate to ur experience.

Akshay said...

200 grams of prawn.. dude, no wonder the prawn population is reducing at an alarming rate.

How can you be a kadki? I find it very hard to believe.