Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Woh Lamhe

This song has special meaning for me. U get thinking, Woh Lamhe, mins totally wot! Friends make phun of me but for me and two other friends, it sort of symbolised our friendship that year!

These words especially
Saagar ki,
Gehraayi se,
Gehra hai,
Apna pyaar,
Sehraoun ki,
In hawaon me,
Kaise aayeee-gi bahaar,
Kahan se ye hawa aayi,
Ghataayen kaali kyoun chhaayi,
Khafaa hogaye hum,
Judaa hogaye hum....

It became our song and we still call it that.. I always remember
us together when I listen to the song!
Here's to Munnu and Man!

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