Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alcohol, c***iya rick drivers & running

As I downed two glasses of champagne yesterday, I was in a was a wonderful haze, where I felt warm inside and mindless too. Its amazing how the human mind succumbs to the power of alcohol especially on an empty stomach :P Alcohol is a beautiful thing to imbibe, its hold over human beings is highly powerful! To drink the right amount and be happy is something we should all try to achieve...

Last night as I got a rick to my house, the c*** had the audacity to shortchange me. He had to give me 40 bucks back and he gave me 30. What totally pissed me off is he doesn't tell me he is gng to cut 10 bucks. Just fucking gives me 10 bucks less. Got so mad, told him that, those 10 bucks didn't matter to me, what he did was terribly wrong! Asshole!

This morning, got up with the alarm surprisingly. Went for a walk/run. Man, am so out of shape, not funny. Called my love who was in la la land :D Bloddy how she is going to climb The fucking Himalaya is beyond me! Pisco only she is! It was good, felt good going for walk/run. I want to do running again properly not like how I am doing it now. Blehpfft it is!


shreya said...

it happens, kits :-( let it go.

the only way you can maintain your sanity is by telling yourself that 10 bucks means nothing to you, that you have a good family, great friends, a nice warm bed, food (and alcohol) in your stomach, and a bright future ahead of you. all these chaps have to look forward to is going back to their slum. let them have the 10 bucks.

Akshay said...

Something like this happened to me last time when I came to Mumbai. The ride from the airport to my house cost me Rs. 140 and I handed over Rs. 150, so the auto driver said "saheb, ho gaya". I was absolutely livid and demanded Rs. 10. I know that Rs.10 is nothing for me, but I still refuse to pay more than I am charged. These people should realise that they aren't the only ones who are working hard to make money, even we do that too.