Friday, March 23, 2007

Randomness strikes again..

I was coming in the rick towards office and saw this young boy standing near the road side dustbin. He had a dustbin in his hand and there were 2 dogs near him. (Dogs seem to be a recurrent theme don't they?) He had raised the dustbin and the dogs were flinching everytime he made a move. Something similar happened when I went on run day before (Have been snoozing the past 2 days btw! Ah, blissful sleep) I wonder at the cruelty of humans towards animals....Animals can't talk back, can't express except through their whines and cries....and people can be so cruel. But somehow it doesn't surprise me at all, especially when people can be cruel towards other human beings...

I remember watching a program on genocide and I have talked about this before as well. People killing other people because they belong to a different race, tribe or fucking colour for that matter. Not a good scene at all. (Like how understated can I get!)

I saw two policemen sitting outside Lakshmi (near IIT-B) where the manager guy escaped being shot because of his pocket diary! Wah, kya story hai, very filmy it sounds to me. Anyways, the policemen looked fat n round to me. So was wondering what protection they are going to give and whom are they going to chase after!

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