Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lazzy Sundayys

I woke up this morning mindfucked. I had fuck all dreams about suicides and shit. Felt really crappy about life in general. Had to go to town for class. Snapped at Mom which I don't like doing of course but when I was so messed up, to ask the ridiculous question where I was going at 9.45 in the morning was like totally wtf!

Went my way. Sat in train, got nice message from Shakira lover..sort of woke up from gloom...also not meeting people contributed to my general despair in life. Sent Dee a msg asking her to hit on cute agent she was yapping about yest! Felt better. Then got off at VT.
Saw Nescafe. Asked for black kapi, he didn't have. :(
Saw CCD Express, asked for black kapi, he had :)

My life felt 180* better coz I consumed caffeine! Kapi for me is number 3 on my list after sex & chocolate. White wine is number 4. I was debating between white wine and kapi. Kapi of course won. :D

I felt alive after drinking the kapi, like my brain was on fire or something. Then went to college and took class. One child came as usual. The others were apparently horrendously sick. Met someone from school after like 10 years. Was like wtf! Said hullo like a good gurl...walked off, dont' care if he exists or not to be honest.

Going to do dinner with Dee tonite, Coo coming along...marble grinding sound coming from next building. Time for Sunday snooze is approaching. Sister already in dream world as I am typing out these words.

Toodles as SB would say...


Akshay said...

What classes are you taking? Yes.. I love coffee too.. when I am all cranky and pissed off, I like eating ice cream then or may be just go out for a walk or something :). Oh well have a good week ahead.

shreya said...

kitssss, what's happening to you? why are you dreaming of shit (ugh!)and suicides!?

yes, coffee is important. please share the rest of the list. am eagerly awaiting, nibbling on my nails :-P

i know about meeting people from school, etc. fortunately no one from >5 years ago recognizes me (because of my hair).

met your sishtur in the train today btw!

soulasylum said...

loved post simple and nice:) crappy dreams like that are always scary:O but i liked the way you ended it:) mwwah loveya