Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Haute couture in gay Paris

Coats: Cocoon back; military; stand-away, A-line peacoahooded; fur/feather chubbies.

Jackets: Studded mess jackets; crested blazers; tailcoat backs;belted; square-cut; military details.

Skirts: Slim over-the-knee; full circle from hips; return of the A-line.

Pants: Skinny; drop-crotch jodhpurs; high-waist; occasionally big and cuffed.

Knits: Clotted-cream thick, hefty cables; boyfriend sweaters; angora.

Dresses: Tunics; A-line; strong-shouldered shifts; short- hem skating dresses; high-waist; crystals for day and evening.

Hats: Deep-crown felt; pouchy berets; caps; hoods.

Gloves: Elbow length; leather; suede; crocodile; shearling.

Belts: Deep and corset-cinching; studded.

Hosiery: Ribbed knit hose; bright colors; studded, ribbon patterns; knee-high socks.

Shoes: Platform soles; ankle boots; patent leather; crocodile.

Bags: Soft-fold envelope; ultra-large; knit and fur.

Colors: Wine red; mallard blue; violet; mustard; orange; absinthe green. Neutrals: black; anthracite; gray.

Fabrics: Plastic; nylon; laminated cloth; fake and real alligator; cashmere; angora.

Fur and feathers: Sheared mink; plucked fox; astrakhan; mink or rabbit with knit. Cock feathers; swan's-down; pheasant quill plumes.

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Akshay said...

hmm weird and interesting. Where do you find things like these is beyond me :)