Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random stuff!

I went running today, was real nice, after a long time. Muscles ached of course and felt twinges in my knee! Bloddy 25 years old and am feeling twinges in my knee! I don't know why I stop running and then when I get back to it I feel joyous about it.

Saw a dog and his owner while running. The kid (owner) was going to school with his father and the dog started running after him as he realised that the kid was going away. Both were playing a game. Then the dog stopped as the kid went away....

I spoke to a friend yesterday and he told me had realisations. As I listened to him, was struck with how profound you can get when you are on dope! :) But it was not just about dope, it was about thinking about something you read and taking it further in your own head as well and then sharing it with the world. Told him he could become a guru if he wanted. :)

Its funny how you remember something and the thought keeps you smiling like an idiot for hours. I am smiling right now :D

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shreya said...

depressed about knees twinging? here's a happy thought--you're going to be TWENTY-SIX in 3 months! aargh!

this thing about dope, thinking, sharing, caring, loving your parents, etc. :-P went over my head but the idiot smiling i get!

keep writing; stop copy-pasting :)