Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A year anywhere

I finished a year at my workplace yesterday. I had joined formally on Mar 1st and had come in for couple of half days before that so yesterday made a year..How quickly time passes.

The only reason I remembered this was because of Holi. Last Holi at office was crazy. We had colour on us and it was insane images of all the boys from office with colour on them. Even the VP had colour on him :D

Remembered that and went down memory path! :)

Fucking TOEFL is killing me and I am even blogging in correct English! Hate it :(
This Sat that torture ends and hallelujah to that! :D


Akshay said...

Good luck with the TOEFL exam on Saturday :). Are you applying for MBA or something in the US? You know I have not celebrated Holi since last 6 years. It is going to be fun this year. Happy Holi and Enjoy. :)

Akshay said...

Ohh Btw.. congrats on one year anniversary at work.. this calls for a party.. so when and where are you treating me? ;)