Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Die Walküre

Mother made me listen to 'Ride the Valkyries' - an original composition by Wagner. Click on link in title and read more - so interesting Norse mythology is. I would love to see this opera. Man, imagine sitting in some hall in Vienna and seeing and hearing this. Would be fucking divine! :)

The Valkyrie's Vigil, by a Pre-Raphaelite painter. Following the romantic reinterpretation of the old myths by Wagner, Edward Robert Hughes depicts the dreadful Norse war goddess in an ethereal fairy painting: barefoot, clad in a sheer off-the-shoulder gown, and softly lit from above. Her martial aspects are de-emphasized: she tucks her helmet into the crook of her arm and holds her sword by the ricasso (the blunt section just beyond the crossguard). Of the chooser of the warrior slain in battle, of the scavenging wolf and raven, there is no trace.

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