Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith and my maudlin self

I got into work like 5 mins back and read the news that Anna Nicole Smith died at 39 leaving behind a 5 month old daughter. Her 20 yr old son, Daniel died of a drug related death. Its quite sadness her life I think. You can read more about it at :

Yesterday I was too maudlin. I got emotional and upset and that completely sucked ass! I hate being in such a state and well things went from bad to worse. Left work at 8.50 pm, completely tired. Got home and Mom made random statement to me which got me really upset. Also earlier in the day was reading something I should not have been which got me thinking about the past. Its amazing how much the past can have an effect on you in the present! How much ever you try to run away from it, it can still haunt you...

I am going to Cutlet's house today to eat pavbhaji...wheeeeee :) Also watch her wedding video and see wedding snaps! Niceness tht is going to be.

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