Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Joys of Kissing

Sheece passed this to me and thought it was too good to be true

what drove me crazy was her kisses
(& lord 'ave mercy, she could kiss!)
she had the kind of kisses
that made blind men attend 3d movies
the kind of kisses that made
priests kick out stained glass windows
her kiss was a bassline
vibrating near a g spot

& i want her kisses
to fill this empty space that once held a heart
my lips offer no condolences, (they are very uncool,)
several times this week they have left my face to hunt for her

this is not progressive, i know
but i want to colonize her lips
i want to plant a flag on her tongue
i want to set up nominally independent homelands
that will surround her lips
i want segregation laws that will keep all other
lips away from hers
i want to force artists to write propaganda in support of her lips

but i must get hip about her lips
(a hip blues line here please)
i want to hold jazz festivals on her lips
where dueling tongues replace trumpet players
i want her lips all over me like coltrane's
fingers dancing wildly over them keys
i want to go to a dangerous after-hours joint with her lips

i can get reverent too, like
i want to erect a temple on her lips
& make hadj to her kiss
where i will become holy & wise & kissed
& write scripture that says, "& she kissed the sky,
& yea, the sky did drool for forty days & forty nights"
deliver me oh lord unto...her kiss

yeah it was her kiss that drove me here,
all crazy like this
& good lord, i hope her kiss,
drives me back.

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