Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An ode to boredom

The Butt Song by Sheece man

The sun has risen from BEHIND today
Close ur eyes else u might go blind today
Do no iffs do not butts
Coz this is the butt song

If u sing it right, it will be wrong
If it will be wrong, it will be too long,
So if u see me singing just sing along
Today there is a shine on his

Do not let it fade, just let it shine on
Maybe for dinner he ate some krypton
Enlightenment is not around the corner
Its around the curve,
If you were foolish, u would swerve,
But u know that this song would lack all verve
If it was not the butt song....

1 comment:

pravin said...

Ancient Deeish saying,

man who win war,
eat cookie

P.S. I'm jobless *bawl*