Friday, October 26, 2007

The Flight of the White Pigeon

Alone amongst the multitudes

Her colour a beacon

Attracting more than the human eye

The others looked at her with disdain and contempt

Their commonality their unity

She raged against them

But they stood indifferent

Until she took flight....

Her flight into the skies was a thing of beauty

Her wings moving in tandem

Striking a beat against the currents

Even the wind bowed in defeat...

She soared high

A surprise because her kind hardly ever did

Achieving unassailable heights


meow said...

That is simply beautiful!!!
It captures the feel of a pigeons flight. Very evocative.

rubycheek said...

err..not to be the one to nitpick.. but the birds in the picture resemble terns and not pigeons.

(you can remove this comment if u like)


Kits said...

Yes tht is quite rt Item. This fotu won some prize and Boy was kind enuf to send to me and darling yur comment is priceless! :D

soulasylum said...

lovee this one:) mwah. write more poetry!!!!!

Abhinav said...

It's an absolutely marvelous lyric poem. Wished you had named it 'Until She Took Flight...' or something like that... more evocative. Never mind. Just keep on writing. My cup runneth over...