Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This piece was written when I was emotionally upset. I calmed down during the next couple of hours and some amount of fone calls later. Would appreciate no questions.

I live in a world where there are rape epidemics. I am stunned n amazed at how much pain n suffering there is in the world and all I worry abt is if I am going to America or not. Does this mean I don't care? I do but the world's problems are too much for me. Myanmar, Darfur, Congo – places with ongoing conflict but to me and to the average person, specks on the map.

Africa is the mad continent - the place God made with time but forgot to give stabilityt to. One of the world's most beautiful continents is overrun by men who don't care how they live. They will not b answering God as their path to hell is paved with fire. The more I read about articles in that continent the more likely it seems that society as we understand it has broken down there.

I read about the rape epidemic happening in Congo. It disturbed me really badly. Women suffer and suffer and sometimes I think there is no end to this suffering. Constantly being called the weaker sex, they r used, controlled and manipulated. This is not aimed as a diatribe against men. But men close their eyes and forget that they came out of a womb when they indulge in unspeakable acts of torture against women. They are committing crimes against humanity n not just the other sex but this is beyond the comprehension of men who are fuelled by a rage and lust for violence.

I talked about choices with a friend. The first choice is about you being born, your mother exercises this choice for you. You come into this world and keep making life choices which means depending on your circumstances you either have it made or you don't. What is the point of this succeee? 2.5 children, a white picket fence house and a man to call your own - the emblems of success. A dear friend once said to me, when someone u care for makes a hard decision- a decision you don't like – tough luck. What you need to do is be there for that person in every way you can.

Its about support and care and trust. Knowing that I can make a phone call and people will help me no matter what time of the night it is. Its about realising that its your life not yur parents. Sidney Poitier said in 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' to his father, “I love you but I don't owe you.” (Bow to you SS for tht one!)

Its weird how Mondays can affect you.


meow said...

Kits i so agree with this. Life as a woman is tough. Wether you are privileged or not; it just changes small aspects of your life. Larger picture remains the same.

I actually remember the SS quote, that is a wonderful movie :)
& so true with parents...you always love them but do u owe them?

shubhada said...


Stood up and clapped when he said that line though I was watching the movie alone at home.