Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some snippets frm today's news

I was going to write about Facebook first but read this excellent article abt Myanmar so thought Myanmar was somehow newsworthy than some social networking site (I love Facebook - pls not to doubt it but somehow in the grander scheme of things ...) This writer went to Myanmar and has written about this time spent there. How apt also that Amy Winehouse sings 'Back to Black' at the same time. Read more here

Microsoft buys a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240 mln. Facebook rules our life. Someone the other day called me a power user of Facebook and I would agree with tht assessment. Have remet hazaar friends frm Ncl times and I loveeeeeeeeeee Graffiti..wot the heck did I do before Facebook happened man?? Read more abt Google not winning this one here

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Sharninder said...

Facebook has definitely become the poster child of the current dot com boom. Yes the dot com boom, how else would you explain the fact that Microsoft valued it at approx $15 billion ! For a site with virtually no revenue stream right now, thats a pretty steep valuation. Are we going to see a repeat of the dot com crash too ! Steve balmer thinks that the price they paid is for the projected growth in the users of facebook and the fact that they might be able to target ads specifically for this userbase ! Crazy I say :-) The only consolation is that they paid a comparitively small sum compared to what ebay paid for skype, for example.