Friday, October 12, 2007

6.15 am in the morning

Walked out into a breaking dawn

AamchiMumbai informed me that the sun rose at 6.31 am

I thought a lot as I walked

About life and mornings

I saw the sun

An orange disc as I turned around the corner

Before it starts to grow fiery

4 mynas espied chattering around a tree

The ache in my legs felt good as I ran

Walked into the bus a bit later

Doing maths

A moth flutters startling me

Its soft wings brush against my face n hair

Before it seeks freedom through the bus window

I stepped off the bus

Green butterfly crashlands near my feet before taking off again

The pink of the African Daisy speaks to the pink person inside of me

Heart melts at beautiful graffitti

The wait for a good day has ended


Neha said...

beautiful kirti!

HurrHurr said...

The forest fires burn hotter
But campfire coals are richer
Till quenched by sand and water
From fire-pail and pitcher.
The lust for human glimmer
Made all I had seem lightless.
My hoarded fires burned dimmer
In contrast to Man's brightness.

To feed my need for fires
I left my mountain fastness.
A gleam like flaming pyres
Entranced me through the vastness.
Beyond my wooded valley
I saw a light, bright-burning
I made a winging sally
Emboldened by my yearning.

The roads were rich with red lights
Like coals they shone. I craved them
Yet brighter glowed the headlights.
I burned to keep, to save them.
But other sparkles drew me
As bees are drawn to flowers.
For I could, as I flew, see
The neon-shining towers.

I found a roof and landed
Where shadows would surround me.
My hidden perch commanded
A view of all around me.
And what I saw amazed me
When peering through the windows.
What did men as they gazed see
In panels with their dim glows?

I stayed awhile and learned from
The humans with their bright things.
I heard of "cash", and earned some,
Enough to buy the right things.
For in the nights, while dreaming,
I knew that I must go back.
My hidden fires, still gleaming,
Without my care would go black.

Returning to my treasures
Within the mountains lightless
I rediscovered pleasures
Outwith electric brightness.
The embers glowed more redly
The fires had brighter spark
The lightning looked more deadly
Against a forest's dark.

But still I miss the cities
That glisten, gleam and shine
With countless coloured pretties
All crying to be mine.
But Wi-fi goes a long way,
And now my laptop's working.
I buy my lights on eBay,
And on this blog I'm lurking.

(from Making Light)

Crazy Dhakkan said...

Very well written!