Monday, July 23, 2007

My weekend

Friday nite - drinks with P n S. Good time had by all concerned. Drinks, smoke filled atmosphere (why the fuck do they never have an vent for these places?) and excellent conversation. Yes we actually managed to have good conversation inspite of the music playing so freaking loud. So much salsa-ish music they played..nice it be!

Sat was supposed to go to KC to finish up some stuff but Mom was too ended up staying home..which meant doing DD things- go to bank, bond with idiotic bank man, go to the laundry (we pay a frigging fortune to him - bet he has bought that house in Shankara colony with our money) and go to Amrut (who does free delivery btw - so why I go is beyond me - its one of those existentialist questions I have stopped asking). Made dal for lunch and then skipped the afternoon snooze.

Went for salsa and had a disastrous class...did so much crap..messed steps completely..blehpfft it was! Went to SB's house with V. Dee of course skipped (gee wot a surprise!) Am seeing her after absolute ages..met RR and M. M is going away in sometime (I shall miss him dearly). RR was in an insane mood that day- have never seen him like that..nice it was..

V n SB bonded over crappy Hindi movies and the extent of their knowledge stuns me..they both knew some song from some Mithun movie called Guru with Sridevi doing double role..The lyrics of the song (they sang this btw) went something like "Mein bad boy, tu bad girl, humara kya hoga anjaam" or some such thing JC material I tell ya!

Oh, yes another highlight was going to Monza..the wine boutique there was nice...I had like a 5-10 min conversation with the owner dude there about wines and wine holders..excellent wine options they have though. Should go there if you want to get a good choice of wines - they have wines from France, NZ, Australia and Germany :D

Also, I watched tele after a long time. Oh man, we watched some total shit on tele. In order:
  1. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (hope I got that rt) - SB's aunt calls from Cal to tell her to watch Salman Khan on tele. So of course we all watched Mr Khan! Jesus Christ wot a programme first of all. Some 5 permanent judges and 2 celeb judges. This list includes 1 unshaven man, Himes, 2 types calling themselves Hitlist or some such crap and of course BAPPI. Bappi had rhinestone studded glares on (I went and peeked at the tv screen- they were glinting off the lites) This week - Mr Khan and Ms Dutta (looking appropriately serious in a salwar kameez with the headfones on). Sallu was appropriately horrendous too.
First contestant who walks is dressed in some pink outfit -made her look like gola (that which u get on the beach) and she had matching necklace as well. (M was suitably offended at this contraption) Lara listened and the Hitlist fellows gave standing ovation.

Then a really young looking fellow (I am informed this is Udit Narayan's son) came on screen. He did some yapping. Then this chik called Mouli walks in. She is from Houston, USA. Ummarican accent and she luuuuurves Sallu of course. She is wearing small skirt, small top and glares (aargh) She says with Ummarican accent, "I dedicate song to Mr Salman Khan - the coolest dude". End of song, " I would like to give u a hug" Mr Khan says, " Sweetheart, I would like to too!!" and they hug each other (By this time I am crying too)

2.Sun TV- I really am not watching television anymore. Silk Smitha came on screen. She literally lit up the screen. I watched stunned/gobsmacked/horrified/mindboggled as she and Kamal Hasan contorted their bodies and did some strange aerobic exercises. Radhika and Rajni saar also followed. Recommendation: Watch Sun TV arnd 3.30 am in the morning - soft porn time but omg wot the fuck are they doing time also!

Next morng, sister msgs me - pls call home as parents r driving her crazzy. So I called - unke dil ko rahat mil gayee..hadn't slept so was freaking tired..did afternoon snooze..had a brilliant salsa class. :D Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Did some window shopping with Dee and we drove ourselves crazzy as we didn't have money to go around! Twas nice - went to Geeta Bhavan after so long and didn't eat vada sambhar there..She had our Mango icecream and felt really happy abt it. :D

Went home and did sleep almost imm. Nice weeekend it has been esp coz of no GRE crap hanging on my head like a Damoceles sword! :D

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