Monday, July 16, 2007

My weekend

Weekend in effect started Friday. Was working from home due to GREgiri going on and well had a marvellous time especially in the evening..The reasons for that include evening tiffin on Fri and my sistah darling.

So idli maav (flour in Tamil) was there..however since sistah and me had been eating idli for the past 2 days, we did minor rebellion. Mom said ok, cut the onions and make da utthapa. So of course I was the grand creator of the utthapa. First try, wot we call nai dosai (dog dosa- I think something to do with the fact that the dog wouldn't eat it) was made and that of course was a perfect buoyed with the success of this, I attempted a proper one for my Pop. The trouble started when I had to do the flipping- the middle bit got stuck to the scraper thingie and so when I flipped my perfect utthapa had a hole in the middle..Needless to say my Pop was speechless..(and he laughed out loud) Dosai was not enuf to feed me, sistah and sistah made Maggi and me and she had Maggi and dosai..excellent tiffin..reminded me of this disgusting Maggi bondas which I never conshumed from IIT Shack and which Murty loved!!

Then whilst studying, looked at my sistah who was sitting absolutely lukka in life and lolling on bed. Sup I gng to play the guitar now..told her tis the life..playing guitar, sleeping, faffing, going out with man, reading..accha scenes hai.. and I was struggling with fucking quant!!

Saturday dawned for me at 8.30 in the morng..studied the whole day. Nice that was :D Then, salsa class which was not bad and a drink after at CL. :) Came home for dinner and Mom was pleased about that which is good of course. Sunday dawned brite and early at 8.30 am too :) Same routine followed Sunday. :D Studied studied studied...then went for salsa class which was loads of fun yesterday. Everyone got their solo routines right with the correct timing - tres cool that was :)

Grabbed a quick drink and went to see the thought provoking 'Vagina Monologues'. What a fabbuulooous play that was..the actors were superb. They were:
  • Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal who stars and directs the play
  • Dolly Thakore with her cool silver hair and big bindi
  • Jayati Bhatia (her comic timing is simply amazing)
  • Sonali Sachdeva (she did this Marathi skit speaking English pakka Marathi style - such a brilliant job & she was pregnant!)
  • Avantika Akerkar (fab impressionist- did accents and voices amazingly well)
So much food for thought, they made us yell vagina and cunt and everyone and the audience participated wholeheartedly :D Some of the monologues made me sad and the others were joyous and full of comedy. They talked about genital mutilation (terrible stats those were). The older ladies - Mahabanoo and Dolly did a very poignant monologue about rape especially related to women refugees in Bosnia and women in Gujarat and Kashmir. I always knew that men were capable of ignominious deeds but to hear it recited like that made me feel as violated as those women must be feeling.

Some of the best monologues were Jayati Bhatia's, purely because they were so funny. She does a wonderful job of making the viewer imagine her situation. Her first impression of a Punjabi woman whose hubby likes shaved vaginas was too much (the audience was in splits) and the 2nd last one of the 'Moaner'- howfuckinglarious...too good she was!

After the play got over, both Dee and me wrote our comments out. Dee said the play made her feel liberated and I have that feeling too. Like somehow listening to 5 women talking about women's vagina's was talking about us and who we are as women in today's society. I can't get over the play and am probably going to have a hangover for sometime. Almost said vaginal hangover but somehow that comes out sounding weird and funny! :D

I recommend the play to one and all and in Sept there is a Hindi version of the play coming out. Must watch I would say!


sheece said...

missed it again... :(

Neha said...

oh yes! that play is something else. you know they had asked several bollywood types if they'd join it, and the chicken shits got worried abt their "image" also when i had gone for it, some random tv starlets type was there, her bf/husband walked out in the first 5 min, and told mein bahar wait kar raha hu, make it fast. also rem abusing him, loudly :D