Monday, July 09, 2007

My weekend

Hmm..after a break of a week I write abt my weekend. Well this was one was interesting and highly Maths filled :D Sirjee has given me 500 sums to solve with a target of 100 a day and its a different matter that I am at 176 now! Don't ask why, ask me why not (Ok that was inane!)

Anyways, Sat morning was DD (Medems coined this one where I am dutiful daughter doing things) and came home. Solved Maths and more Maths and then P,D,V came home and we did random practice for salsa...salsa was awesome! :D Total phatte and I got my jive steps right..wheehee to that..Yahoo emoticon severely needed here..Anyways went to CL and had a blast there...danced, had a couple of whiskey all good there...

Sunday morng - drove Mama to the hospital. Drove after such a long time..was real home and of course did Maths..wot fucking else seriously...Anyways, went for salsa and had loads of phun..then the search for the elusive English movie began..fucking no English movie running anywhere between 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm!! Total bc that was..anyways, Dee and Sat suggested that we go to Flavors of Kolkata in Vashi..

Hmm...went there, consumed and died! :D Wot amazing Bong foooood :) I shall list out wot all I had for my general pleasure as I remember and salivate (Yahooooo emoticon!!)
  1. Macher chaap
  2. Kashundi
  3. Chiken cutlet (Sat said it was called that only!!)
  4. Macher kaliya (so soft and succulent)
  5. Bath
  6. Chingedi macher malai curry (tiger fucking prawns...ooooooooh these were)
  7. Chiken kausha (Theek thaak)
  8. Rasagolla
  9. Mishti doi (not to my liking I am afraid)
  10. Kamal Bhog (Saffron in colour and they had a filling in the centre)
The only crib I had was that it was too much effort to eat all the food..I mean fish ka bones, chiken ka bones, tiger prawn ka woh covering..too much eet ees..but I should also admit it was sooooo worth all the effort! :D

Anyways back at work and next week GREney shall end..wheeeee :D

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Neha said...

kits jyada khaayegi moti hojayegi! whoooppee on the math front :)