Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tip tip barsa pani....Man this betching rain!! When is it going to stop? I was going mad at home and I wasn't flooded in so decided to do the sane thing and go to work. Went to work and everyone is like wtf?? Go home types!! Mins wot yaar? U go to work and then coz everyone's freaked out coz of this stupeed media coverage..Media is behaving highly irresponsibly I must say!

I mean, if it was not for media coverage why would people get freaked out like this. Agreed train types had an even rougher time but still man, road was cool. I reached home quickles like in 30 mins and Medem reached home in a hour inspite of all that nonsense!

So I got an email saying I should not mention company name in blog. That does make sense to me whilst I also feel it is restricting my sense of individual expression. Guess corporate culture has to strike somewhere or the other..

Shuchita from work has left us today and wot a grand farewell we had planned. As Shruti rightfully said, it all got washed out man!! Sucks asss. Its time for Murty's farewell to come through as well. She's going for her visa interview and I have full faith it is going to happen and in fucking 20 days she is outta our lives. Crazy shit innit? I mean someone I have known for years, have now become so close to her and well she is moving on with her life. Feels wierd and inevitable at the same time..Life is supposed to be like that I reckon..

Where is my fucking salary man? I am dying, down in the dumps etcetc.. and other adjectives. Wot eet ees completely?? So Man and me are going to Pune, something that is going to be therapeutic for me I am thinking. I cannot wait and am hoping the bastard rains don't destroy my going out of city and bonding with man parteee..
I am looking forward to meeting Shevde and AP and doing bonding with them and sincerely hope this plan doesn't get destroyed like previous plans for Pune. That was a real heartbreaker man!

Maddie, oh Maddie, why did that happen?? We still regret that undone trip and to be honest you should know by now that we really hated that friend of yours for destroying things as they stood.. U didn't call me on birthday betch!! Mins wot eet ees!!

Rains are here and I am happy/sad/annoyed as hell about them. This is bhajjias weather man and my Mommy didn't make any yesterday..Wahhhhh..

Life is like the betching rains- everywhere constantly annoying, demanding, making us look like fools when we do the early thing. This is a terribly bad comparison. You should know what I mean in any case!! Who is this mythical you I keep referring to?? Man, I am tired and this has been one long post..fuking off now..:)


Mike Papa said...

Hmmmm, I guess I have SAD, coz I hate this facking weather.
Depressive, gloomy, messy, wet, flies near food, the flu, ants, water sprayed by passing cars, extra smelly trains and wet body-to-body contact in buses.

...Pining for summer.

PS: Maddie meri jaan, if you reading this, get in touch!
PPS: the mythical 'you' is the random bots who trawl through your posts and profile looking for key words to match, emails to find, so that they can send you spam on dick-extensions and vitality pills.

soothing waves said...

no sweetheart please dont blame this beautiful weather...jus love it..know that lots of people are goin thru hell...but there is so much to feel and so little to say..love it..:D

shubhada said...

kirti...chill woman. I hate puddles and the dirty water too..but what to do?