Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another week has started and man I got shitloads of work to complete! Pune was good while it lasted. Anticaps, I checked that spelling before I put in, my mind must have been boggled man!! :) I went for a walk today with my love from Chembur and it was so nice. Walking (more perhaps along the lines of ambling) on deserted roads, with nice men in cycles saying nice complimentary things to you.

She was saying when she goes alone she hesitates to even wear shorts which is quite a shame as far as I am concerned. Its ridiculous that in the century that we are gurls need to worry about whether they can wear shorts and go for their fucking morning walk man!! Men need to be thrown into gas chambers sometimes or maybe wear the purdah- that would be an interesting thing to do innit??

We met Cutlet yesterday and seeing her was nice. I am wearing the lac bangles she gave me, so svit!! She is getting engaged this weekend and honestly cannot get over that!! How fantabulous and scaireee at the same time man!!

Laters and enough for the day! Hope my day goes well

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