Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So think I feel a little better but still I think there is going to be an outpour!! How dare people think they can get away with anything and everything? Fuck this man, I know I am good and am going to get out..How dare she say those fucking demoralising things?? Like advised, I am going to use it and show her and whoever the fuck thinks I am not good enough!! I am so upset and hate this feeling where I am pissed off and there is no fucking outlet for anything!!!

There's a fucking river outside my home! Fucking bollocks I tell you..oh yes the fucking mythical you! Screw this shit man, am going to do work!


anticaps said...

kit kat, be chill man! and go wash your freakin' mouth with ariel :-P what did your family say? e-mail to me.

group hug.

Mike Papa said...

Popped that nerve yet?
As Himes-bhai so memorably composed, Just cheeel cheeel.