Monday, July 10, 2006

Am back from Pune man! I had such a super duper time, enjoying myself in Punnnne! Blast off happened. Reached Ash's place at 11 ish, had hot chocolate and started gappa ghosti! Think typo has happened! :)

Went for Sat lunch to random ass place! Met AP and her baccha, so bootiful! She would not stop feeding us at all!! Chocolate mousse was awesome man! But meeting her is always so much phun and the child brings me so much joy! Half tempted to kidnap her and bring her to Mumbai! :)

Went to Kiva Lounge on Sat nite and had an awesome time there! Enjoyed myself thoroughly! Ash, me and Mammo - wot music and Kiva will be with us forever especially with those coasters that we have! Love u guys..Shevde damn happy things have worked out for you babes!! Hug to you muy amore...

Sunday involved more khana. Thaalipeeth in the morning , brunch at Not Just Jazz and then disturbance in Pune and Mumbai because of the f***ing SS!!! Bastards them whole lot! Disrupting Mumbai life for some nonsense! Honestly man, these guys don't have anything to do hence they keep doing this shit! Media is worse making it into so much hype and showing the same images and fucking freaking people out!

Was home with blinding headache and died from it I think! Why do these things happen, to remind us of how fragile we really are or is it just sympopatic of the way we live our lives! Didn't see match and missed the fucking finals of WC 2006!! AAARRGGGH!!

Welcome dog barker to my life! :)


Mike Papa said...

Paach rupaiya barah aana...
Mins danke for rekindling the smug, competetiveness in moi. Had lost it in the last few months.

Mins late night driving was phun!

anticaps said...

"sympopatic"? hope no one from work's reading.