Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oh yes I gotta stop swearing, realised it after I read my own last post. When I am annoyed, it flows like a river, wot to do (shrug of shoulders magician style)?? Think am marginally better than that first post I wrote out! I hate these fucking rains especially when I don't have laptop and can't work like I should be able to. Now hazzaar work pending and this sucks asss man..

Family saying those things didn't help either..Why do they have to be like this? Am I the only wierd one with the wierd family? Fucking dysfunctional is what we are! Wow, this blog posting shit is therapeutic stuff man. Thanks Rao for making me do it! :) Love you babay, mwah!!


Neha said...

all families are dysfunctional. i think it's a rule or something;
'if you plan on a family, you have to behave like a duck bit off your head.' by order - god

shubhada said...

swear Kirti..
your swearing gives your blogs a cathartic quality!

Mike Papa said...

Hmmm all families are shit, wasnt this something YOU told me about a year back? :-)

Mins I need a night in bangkok. What plans in Punne for Saturday night man?

Kits said...

Mins I dont know man. Think I need alcohol tonite itself and my fucking salary hasn't come in still!! Am going to throw a fucking tantrum at this rate!

Mike Papa said...

I might just laze with a book yaar. Will get gilas of wino from local kudi-kendra and settle down.

We on for lunch the next day right?