Friday, March 14, 2008

The meaning of life

Warning : Free flowing post

Since my blog is meant to reflect life and all its purpose and meaning, I am here doing exactly that. Sounds fatuous I presume or is it flippant? Well, since this is random blog post, I am being random. Someone I knw likes using the word random a lot. I feel like doing random things now. Why do I feel like doing random things? Well, my US plan flopped miserably. I got rejected in both the places I had applied to. I am terribly disappointed but what the heck right?

Life is supposed to be disappointing. I mean where would the randomness be without the balance? I feel bitter, rejuvanted, hopeful, disappointed all at the same time. I feel like I can do anything- go assist people doing docus in Orissa, walk on water (slight exaggeration) but I can sort of float (brings back memories of floating in the Atlantic Ocean at 11.00 pm in the nite in Barbados holding Inger's hand and worried shit I would drown) and perhaps move anywhere I want to. There r bonds here but they are strong and won't break - distance can't damage them.

Oh yesh, people reading this blog : I am looking for a new job. Heritage, research, museums - are forte and what I want to do. Anyone know of anyone who wants to give me a job in this field pls by all means let me know. Next option, content research kind of thing. I am pretty much open to anything and anywhere - like I said distance doesn't stymie me anymore.


Alltough said...

Hey Kit, sometimes the randomness has such beauty to it, which is often hidden from the naked eye. Live through it, you never know there is something waiting for you on the other side. Take care. Will be on a look out.

Akshay said...

Hey babes, hugs.. sorry to hear about the rejection from the universities. They don't know what they missed out. Please don't get so disappointed. Something or the other will come up.

soulasylum said...

:) i loved something about your post...its really like you said, happy sad, funny, hopeful all at once...hang in there..everything always falls into place in the broader scheme. I truly believe that. and I will also ask around about job. (hug)