Monday, March 31, 2008

Legs intertwined

Legs intertwined, originally uploaded by SMJ737.

The day begins with sunbeams
They dance around my face playfully
A moan tears through the air
Its echo lingering on

A light touch
The whisper of a breath
The feel of stubble on the nape of my neck
The hint of tongue before the lips
Gently collide

The sunbeams continue to play


abhinav said...

have been going through your blog lately. your poems are good.
its kinda sad some of the best posts don't recieve comments they deserve.

abhinav said...

and u like shins... swell..

Honeysuckle said...

This is exquisite- especially the hint of tongue before the lips collide...

every movement is soft and powerful and the sunbeams continue to play :-)