Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I was at MoodI yest! Went for JAM and had such a good time. Had a greattt time! Its been so long since I attended one of these things and man, had forgotten how good it could be....The JAM Master was IIT boy and he cracked the most howlarious jokes! Its an experience and you get the ones who do it for phun and the assholes just out to win and objecting at everything!

Finished jazz at stall and went out with friends! Rosie, looked gorgeous as ever and happy she made decision which is going to make her happy! :) U go gurl! Shreya loookd fab as ever, Nehoo got drunk and she looked happy with life...wheee...its nice to meet friends after a long time! I have been friends with these guys for 10 yrs ...that is a fucking decade man! (How observant am I!)

I knw Mun for 19 odd yrs and tht is like some crazee shit! Man is coming today! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....Parteee time is here...Continuing in partee vein, I went out to the Shack last nite! Man, after so fucking long and when we walked in was empty as hell! Cannot believe how crowded it got afterwards! This is Tuesday nite and this place was crowded. But I had place to dance, which I did! Wheeee tht was also! :) Great phun, random man tried to hit on Rosie - quote, "You are pretty"! unquote...after which Nehoo moved Mr Vivek, saviour man to protect us damsels!

Got home at 2.00 am and got up at 7.30 am...Mother total bajaaoeed me! She was like wot the heck, wot r u dng with life! Yeh woh, bahut sunaya! Mins total mins wot happened! So yelled and screamed this morning, I am going to die of high BP, am positive, need to get out sooooon....

Water has gone away today. Off from 10.00 am this morning till tmmrw 10.00 am. Such an essential commodity that we take fr granted! I think about all those people who are without water and bless my upper middle class existence!

NY, come soon and bring me luck, lots of luck and positive stuff!

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Akshay said...

It is good to know that you have such awesome friends, who have been with you through thick and thin.

Hmm.. Now I have never been to MoodI.. will attend may be next year..

We had some water issues today, but none what so ever yesterday. :)