Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I went looking for some random assignment I did back in Xaviers and well I found all these old assignments altogether. Remembered a different time, a different place when all was well with this world and I was a Xavierite, innocent to the world waitin for me (Grin here!)

I found some fotus of me as well, old ones, with me smokng and looking skinny! All bunched together coz obs I had been tryg to hide them frm my mother dearest!! (Grin here too!)

I found an assignment tht I am going to send there and found a reference to something called a 'bunad'. This is the Norwegian national costume and of course I had to msg my pat Renate!! (Big Big Grin here!)

Cutlet is getting married and I have been intensely bizzy on the weekends...no time to breathe let alone blog!! Work has been ok but trying to juggle my apps as well so overall ok scene...thought shd blog def today..Found awesome snaps of me on Gera's flickr thing! Loved eeeet....Murty looked darlingicious as well on tht ....nice memories..:)

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