Thursday, November 30, 2006

Movies I saw ...

So Saturday I saw Dhoom 2 and oh my lord!! I howled with laughter through that whole phillum! I went with office colleagues and we were the only ones laughing our arses off! The whole theatre watching so intensely!! Ash was terrible, so terrible wanted to give her one tite slep everytime she came and even opened her mouth! The whole phillum is epitomized rt at the end, when AB says, "Yeh sab bakwaas hai!" Bas, so true man that was!!

Bips was bekaar, Ash was bekaar, Uday toh bas bolo hi mat, AB I don't know why he was there..Hrithik perhaps does a decent job...I think although not good scene is when Hrithik and AB have a drink together and talk oh so casually about killing each other (a rip off from Heat starring Robert de Niro and Al Pacino - that scene is so sexxy here) - good that was...Aur haan the Baywatch wala scene...nice touch tht was....:)

Fucking Ash with her bloddy Krazzzzy Kiya re bullshit and nonsensical clothes..bloddy Bips with her Shonali and Monali act (wanted to do slep to her too!)

Then yest went with Puttar to see Casino Royale- wot an amazing phillum..Loved Daniel Craig...niceness that was man...amazing action, great acting by the man and well some scenes are super charged - the 2nd scene in the film where he is chasing that African dude and the cardiac arrest wala scene..awesomeness indeed it was !!! this with the crap I saw on Sat and I am almost indignant at the waste of money flying people to Rio and doing dance there and all that crap!

Now enuf said and done for today..adieu pour maintenant! Bon Jovi as someone I know would say!! Hhahahahahhahahhhahaahahahhahahahhahhha


Akshay said...

I also saw Dhoom 2.. dont know what I was thinking when I decided to go see the movie. I have yet to see Casino Royale.

sheece said...

isn't Assh a goddess of the ham world. alter ego of mithun. though mithun has some great movies where he has acted to his name. this woman intolerably amazing