Monday, July 26, 2010

All my bags are packed, I am ready to go

And I am going travelling again. Starting Pune this coming weekend, I am heading out to Delhi next month and hopefully going to make it to Amboli as well for a weekend trip. And I can't wait.

I do 'heart' travelling a lot and luckily future husband does too. So yaay on that. I am going for these trips to hang out with friends. Have been doing that ever since close friends moved away and this is my way of travelling and making sure that I am connecting witht them - two birds with one stone!

In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned that the 'sense of urgency' is becoming stronger to make sure I connect as much as possible with the people I care about and who have become my support system in this city - to eat, drink, bond and bitch about life happenings.

I used to bitch about work - thank God that urge has passed now! :D This working from home I tell you is brilliant stuff especially in this horrendous monsoons! No travelling in the trains, getting stuck and lord knows what else! And the ghost of 26/7 lingers on still in any true-blue Mumbaikar's mind. Don't think it will ever pass.

Enough rambling. Chitra has tagged me in this post. I am going to have think of different things to say from when Shalini had tagged me before :) So hard to think about stuff which are normal mundane things about yourself in some sense but make up who you are.

Can't wait to begin my journey...


Nisha said...

All the best for your travel. Lets see what all nice things you bring back. :)

Shalini said...

Happy traveling! I'm in Delhi for the next week-ten days....will you be here then?

Lol, I have to think of different things to write about too :-))

Kits said...

Shalini, much later am afraid. Mid-August am gng to be there :)

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