Friday, June 25, 2010

And my 29th is upon me

And like seriously this will go down in history as one of my least socializing buddays :) First, it is a Monday so don't get me started on that. Second, my fiancé is not here which totally sucks - but on the flip side, we are going to spend his together so that makes it all good in my mind! Third, all this working from home means that I am slightly money-less (atleast this month) but hey I am working from home and not commuting in the ghastly rains! So yipee yaay on that!

This year has been a strange good year. I started out ever so randomly but sure that I would be quitting my job. Hit Goa in the first month itself - so happy that trip made me. Got a new job that gave me the flexibility to spend time in the house and bond with the family. Conversely, these are the last few months in my city for me too. I will be moving home and hearth come November and that is a move I am totally looking forward to - an apartment with a view is what 'we' have been dreaming about and hope that really really works out.

I lost a friend, figuratively and literally. I didn't know when the year started that this was written for me in 2010. It hurt. I lived through it. I moved on. Losing someone who is the same age as you makes you more than aware of your own mortality.

It makes you realise that life is too short and you gotta do everything that you have ever dreamed of doing - take risks, plunge into ravines of self-doubt and make sure you climb your way to the top. You are bound to get injured but when you realise what you have achieved, the feeling is mindblowing!

Some things left to do for 2010:
  1. Get married :D
  2. Jumpstart my own house which fills me with trepidation and excitement
  3. Do bungee jumping
  4. Travel more (of course)
  5. Catch up with friends - the sense of urgency I feel is greater now
  6. Get back to writing and photography (both have been sorely neglected)
  7. Get a new tattoo and I even know what I want to get - question is will I do it before my wedding and face the wrath of all the South Indian mamis of the world :D
  8. Leave family and friends behind in India (who will be sorely missed) but in today's connected world you can hardly call it leaving behind
And yeah that is about it. Hitting 29 the year you are getting married is something special in my mind. This year's budday is my most memorable and am kicked as hell about it. And ain't no one gonna tell me any different!


quaintkal said...

hey hey hey
many many happy returns of the day!
what more can i say
but pray that may
your day n life b full of
wise, wild, wicked n fun ways!
there there, i know i make a lousy lyricist ;) tk cr n rock Ms. Rockstar..i hope all your things in your to-do list and more, get done smoothly..have a lovely year and life ahead :)
~ much love n hugs

Kits said...

Merci beaucoup cherie :)

Chitra said...

Your year has it all. :) Wishing you the best for all the new things.

Sorry about your loss. Hugs.


I came to tell you that you have been tagged. :) Visit my latest post and see what you need to do

Shalini said...

An eventful year for sure :-)

My 29th was super eventful and busy too!