Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The best laid plans....

are bound to fall flat on their face. So my Pune trip got cancelled. My dearest darlingest sister came down with malaria one day before I was scheduled to leave for Pune. Such is life and such is fate. So in the interests of all, I did give up on my plans and have postponed the trip to end of August now.

But I am meeting up with old college friends this week - we have been friends since 1997 so the memories are so many and we end up reminiscing no matter where we are, so much so that the company with us gets bored to death! Kya karen 13 years is a long time to know someone no. I have a friend whom I have known literally since my chaddis time - Junior Kg or L Kg as they call it in some places. So that means bar 2-3 years of my lifetime, I know the dude like forever which is slightly crazy in my opinion.

I am actually going to make a list of people I need to catch up with before I leave in a couple of months and start crossing them off :D

Will be travelling out next week to Dilli and going to be in Gudgaon and drink Bloddy Mary's so that should be a whole lot of fun.

What would we do without friends? Donne was right when he said, 'No man is an island' but in my case, I swim in a veritable ocean of friends :)

As a last aside, we did something fun at work - planned Chelsea Clinton's honeymoon. Yep yep, crazy or not, we had a lot of fun doing it - I wrote out most of the content and the big boss man helped me with suggestions and it came together quite well I thought. Don't believe me, check it out here!

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