Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May ends

bringing to a close a month of happiness for me. I met someone who turns out to be the love of my life (you know like the films), get engaged to him and will begin a new life with him in the next five months.

If someone had even told me in January this is how my life would have turned out, I would have point blank laughed at them!

Life brings with it strange, extraordinary twists and turns. I went with the flow on this one and am extremely happy I did so. Believing that things would work out given what our odds were was quite simply a leap of faith and one I was more than willing to take. Knowing in real time that this is something that will last a lifetime - well its like the Mastercard ad right, priceless :)

Here's to life then. Cheers....

1 comment:

mr bojangles said...

you're in an LG state of mind.
Life's (real) Goooooood!