Friday, April 16, 2010

A commitment for a lifetime

Life has a funny way of working out she thought to herself. The sari lady was putting the final touches on her pallu. Her make up was in order (for once she thought!) Everything was perfect.

How had this come about - this eternal happiness she expected for herself? She had met him sometime back. Common friends etal. They had got talking. Something had clicked. She had cold feet. So did he.

But standing here today, she was surprised to see that it had all fallen into place. Her usual cynicism had no place here.

She heard the call of the nadaswaram outside in that fine AC hall her amma-appa had paid for with a lifetime of savings. She smiled and stepped out with the confidence that was born of belief that they could make it together - that they could be...

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mr bojangles said...

things that make you go hmmmmmm