Thursday, April 29, 2010

The light check...the beads check...shadows..check..

Sometimes the perfect shot comes along without you knowing it. Sometimes life happens without you knowing it. And going with the flow is just as good as thinking and planning it. This shot is like that- with the flow - taxi stops in town at a traffic signal, the light pours in this extraordinary fashion, the beads glitter, and my hand automatically reaches for the camera.

One day, I want to have an exhibition of my photographs. I would like that to happen for me. I am not yet confident that I am that good. I work with a point and shoot. People compliment me. But I know I am just as good as the next person. To be better, I need to learn.

Life teaches you lessons. Sometimes you learn well, sometimes you forget and make the same effing mistakes. And that too is a learning experience.

This post in that sense is a nonsensical one. The photo inspired me to write. I like using photos to complement my writing. You can read Flash Fiction about how that works. I think Micky is doing a great job at supporting people who write. More people should write - gets their angst off their chests and wherever else it is hiding :)

Ok enuf said. Time to do I reckon...

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Aniket said...

Funny... was abt to ask you if you've had any exhibitions. You should totally have one. Photographers, painters, writers... in short people in the arts always have this am I good enough thought. Cause we've grown up admiring the greats. But like Sarah told me, many are great but very few try to reach out and get published. One should definitely give it a shot, not to have any regrets.

Thanks for the mention of my site. :)