Thursday, March 04, 2010

The height of nonsenseness

You know the end is near when the bells start tolling

Figuratively of course in your head

Well sometimes you might even be in a cloister

And they would toll

But that would not necessarily mean your end now would it?

Well unless it was a spy movie and you were James Bond

And the Sister Superior was actually the Bond girl

Who has latent talents for sex and murder….

Well then it would be your end then…

If you were the villain of the series

But being the villain doesn’t necessarily make you bad

It just means you can plead extenuating circumstances

Your mom got murdered, your dad got battered

All sorts of ed things happened to you when you were

But a child suckling at your mother’s breast

Oedipus complex etal

However will not explain why you do the things you do

Why you make me mad

Why you make me sad

Why our lives revolve in circles – sometimes crop circles too

Mysterious, threatening, reassuring

The end

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