Thursday, February 04, 2010

A small episode

Her hair fell softly on her brow but the malevolent smile that twisted her face would have done the Dark Lord proud. She inched softly and surely towards the sacrifice waiting at the far end of the hall. The victim was unaware that her brains would be smashed to smithereens with a silver bullet. The Nazgoid-277 was built to destroy the scum that walked her planet in the name of human beings. It was a weapon, pure and pure - built for one purpose only - annihilation.

Her footsteps echoed eerily in the vast cavern of the corridor. Her silver jumpsuit glittered- it was meant to accentuate every inch of her figure. The victim would be a willing one.

She stopped at the anointed one's door and knocked. A screen fell across her face - charming smile, blue eyes heightened by the tension. She waited. The door opened. An abyss stared back at her. Her head spun. Her reflection looked at her and asked, 'So you have come finally?' Then without a trace of irony, 'It does feel like I have been waiting for millennia.'

The Nazgoid-277 slipped from her hand in slow motion. It hit the carpeted floor with barely a thud. The bullets seemed to discharge of their own volition destroying the perfect face in the mirror. The reflection wavered for a minute or two before vanishing. Its purpose had been served.


Abhishek Thakkar said...

Vivid imagery, Silver jumpsuit, silver bullets. I can picture Milla Jovovich/kate Beckinsale/Summer Glau/Shilpi Ranadive doing the scene..

I'll buy a Nazgoid-277 replica whenever it comes out :)

Spikedelik said...

Very interesting a read!

The moon hung snug on the horizon.

He bit his fingernails pensively. He was at his wit's end. He had promised that the tasks would get done by nightfall. But he had been caught unaware by a small episode.

He tried his best, and then he waited...