Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh fish!

Oh fish!, originally uploaded by Pixychik.

vairy whale
said the fish to the sea
the sea opened her arms
she welcomed the wee one

scary mother you are sometimes
but i don’t intend to be here very long
this is but a fleeting visit
inspired by the man behind the dark side of the moon

that man he sits on the edge with his fishing rod
and wishes for an evening star
it comes and twinkles at him

it says vairy whale
why don’t you visit the sea sometime
she seems to long for you

the man looked at the star
a glimmer of recognition shone in his weather-beaten eyes
vairy whale he said
its time i left this land anyway

the man jumped off the moon into the waiting arms of the sea
the world heaved a sigh of relief
the splash that occurred echoed in the corridors of the universe
reverberated across the galaxies
whoooosh it went till every denizen on every planet
felt the same desire

as the man who used to sit behind the dark side of the moon


mr bojangles said...

uff.. took me a whale to get it. tis vairy dark. especially, 'the world heaved a sigh of relief'. what inspired this?

neha said...

Really enjoyed reading this!

Spikedelik said...

Contrary to Mr. Bojangles, I felt this to be on a positive note. On the the lines of letting go and moving on!

Weary Whale written indeed :)

mr bojangles said...

yes, Spikey you're right. she said it is a happy poem only. we all go wooosh!